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Our Papans


Signature Selection: 


The Papans Aligot: as a French man I couldn’t create Papan selection without cheese. Papan Aligot is inspired by my Mum when she was making the mash potato with cheese. I took that as an inspiration and with a sparkle of love I brought the memory to a comforting treat.


The Papanhaifa: is a recipe when i was to haifa  in israel  the fondu of cheese in the bed of spinach with a small cloud of cumin bring me back there 

The Papanantalia: union of the courgette with tomato , coriander and garlic with a touch of olive oil is inspired from my travel in Antalia in a local restaurant 

The Papan Valett: The home-made custard with crunchy, sweet biscof will make your palate wouohhhhoua (Noel’s own words)

The Papan Royale: rasberry mousse with white chocolat finishing with gold leaves the fine "je ne sais quoi « 

The Papan Mon Cherie: cherry and almond flakes, the combination you will never forget

Spécialité selection:


The Papan Henriette: succulent tuna with creamy cheese and aromatic chives

The Papan Chicken Supreme: tender chicken breast with creamy and silky peppery mushroom sauce

The Papan Sea: scallop shells with garlic sauce 


The Papan Lemon: tangy and sweet lemon custard with flakes of crunch meringue

The Papan Coffee: freshly brewed coffee creme patissier with orange almond flakes and chocolate

The Papan Royal: smooth raspberry mousse with white chocolate chunks, finished with gold flakes

Our Papans: Welcome
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